An abundance of radiating electrical power covers the planet like a blanket of noise and darkening interference. Electricity pylons and satellites kept out of reach and harmful to any person willing to be around them. Humanities’ dependence of electricity and power stations to the governing derelict land it consumes in order to be harnessed. A sinister man-made environment reflects on a vision where man seizes to congregate, this leaves humanity with this imposing ability to colonize a form of electrical energy, which then creates this polluted, unnatural and unhealthy landscape.





A mini collaboration project, filmed in Brick Lane, London and other areas of East London. To accomplish more with sound and damaged imagery I captured an essence of Brick Lane carrying implementations of alcoholism, vandalism, abuse, sexual abuse, drug abuse and many more factors of a wasted man, wasted efforts and what is achieved through acts of desperation.




The first in the series of ‘Exploring Culture’. Seeing this same landscape and people in previous works of Art and Film, I wanted to visit at present: 2009 to document the development of the Favela’s present state.

Favela Da Rocinha is the oldest, largest and over populated, (over 200.000 people), slum-shanty-town-favela in all of Latin America, it’s a culturally diverse population, in which a spectrum of art and creativity exists. I observed and captured the joy of it, as seen in BARAKA by Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson.